Meet Daniela

I am a Seattle native born and raised right here in the Magnolia neighborhood. My father also grew up in Washington and now owns a small business in Fisherman’s terminal. My mother was born in Chile, immigrated as a young teenager, and became a Spanish teacher at St. Anne's and Our Lady of Fatima. I went on to graduate from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a Bachelor of Science in Biology. After graduation I returned home to help manage my family's small business as it began to outgrow the family basement!  I currently reside with my husband and four young boys in Magnolia.

Daniela and husband


Over the past several years the homeless population has increased dramatically in Seattle and the current City Council’s solutions haven’t done enough to address this growing concern. Daniela will work for solutions that are effective and compassionate, enabling people towards their success and connecting with the services they need.

Open and Transparent Government

The city of Seattle has become a haven for backroom deals and a lack of transparency. Public records requests can be repeatedly delayed due to a “lack of resources”. This is important in a time when the outcomes of critical issues are being decided behind the scenes. The City Council is meant to work for you. Daniela will work towards legislation that creates a culture of transparency. Listening to you and maintaining accountability with her constituents.

Maintaining Neighborhoods

Seattle is consistently ranked one of the fastest growing places to live in the country. It’s important that the city does not forget its families in their neighborhoods. Daniela is committed to helping improve factors that contribute to traffic issues resulting in loss of time at work and with your loved ones. Daniela will work to maintain adequate parking and greenspace in local neighborhoods.

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