Meet Daniela

I am a Seattle native born and raised right here in the Magnolia neighborhood. My father also grew up in Washington and now owns a small business in Fisherman’s terminal. My mother was born in Chile, immigrated as a young teenager, and became a Spanish teacher at St. Anne's and Our Lady of Fatima. I went on to graduate from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a Bachelor of Science in Biology. After graduation I returned home to help manage my family's small business as it began to outgrow the family basement! I currently reside with my husband and four young boys in Magnolia.

Living and working here my entire life I have seen firsthand both the wonderful opportunities and the incredible challenges that the city’s rapid growth has created. I decided to enter the race for Seattle City Council because I believe the current government has failed at its job of addressing the many challenges small businesses and families face living and working in the city. Property crime continues to go unaddressed in the city, with small business and law abiding citizens bearing the cost.

Daniela and husband
Daniela and family