Accountability and transparency of the City Council and Seattle government.

This means independent audits of all city contracts and accounting records. I want to ensure that the public is aware of all deals and documents within the City Council. I will listen to you as I will represent you.


End chronic homelessness by having one location where all services are available. This includes meals, case workers, treatment, housing services and basic medical care. By having all services in one location, this would lower the time it takes for individuals to be seen for services and would also help manage people being lost within the system.

Property Crime

The Seattle Police Department needs to be able to enforce all laws including lower level offenses such as package and bike thefts. Magnolia, Queen Anne & Downtown Seattle have continued to see upticks in property and business crime. We see drug dealing on the streets, theft of personal property, continuous car break-ins and porch package thefts.

No toll in downtown Seattle

I will work to ensure that no toll is placed on downtown Seattle. Increasing public transportation still needs to be a priority, however we can't expect everyone to be able to use it. Parents of multiple kids don't have the ability to take the bus to and from multiple school drop offs and doctor visits. If we continue to take away downtown streets from cars, decrease parking and also toll the area, we are making it very difficult and costly for working families to get around.

Adequate parking and green space

Adequate parking and green space on new developments. I don't want families to have to continuously circle their neighborhoods at night trying to find a parking spot or parents to have to show up to school drop off early as there is no parking by their schools. Developers aren't creating adequate parking in new developments and our streets can't keep up with the increase in population. Seattle needs to require developers to provide adequate parking on all new developments. We’ve seen firsthand what happens; everyone still owns a car and the streets overflow with cars making it very difficult to find parking on side streets.

1:1 replacement of the Magnolia Bridge

We have seen how drastic traffic is impacted with construction in the area (ie Nickerson Pavement Project). I will fight for a replacement of the bridge to ensure there are 3 separate entrances and exits of Magnolia. The new bridge should also include an entrance and exit to Smith Cove to avoid u-turns on the bridge.